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KTR-EthosEnergy is a joint venture in collaboration with EthosEnergy.

Within the JV the professional team provides the following services:

  • keyboard_arrow_rightDesign solutions for production;
  • keyboard_arrow_rightConstruction;
  • keyboard_arrow_rightTechnical maintenance and operation of power, gas and steam turbines, generators and compressors fleet;
  • keyboard_arrow_rightRepair and supply of spare parts for critical rotating equipment (adapter sleeves, flame tubes, fuel spray nozzle, turbine blades);
  • keyboard_arrow_rightModernization and improvement of previously installed equipment, service life extension.

KTR-EthosEnergy, JV works in collaboration with NCOC N.V. company the “Kashagan” field operator - as part of a contract for the long-term maintenance and operation of critical rotating equipment in the offshore and onshore complexes.

"KTR EthosEnergy" Highly qualified service group serves various equipment of world manufacturers:

  • keyboard_arrow_rightSiemens
  • keyboard_arrow_rightGE
  • keyboard_arrow_rightRolls Royce
  • keyboard_arrow_rightABB/Alstom
  • keyboard_arrow_rightFiat
  • keyboard_arrow_rightWestinghouse
  • keyboard_arrow_rightPratt&Whitney
  • keyboard_arrow_rightSolar
  • keyboard_arrow_rightLMZ

Land power plant | GE Frame 6B Gas Turbines | GE Generators.

  • Inspection of the heat turbine accessories;
  • Turbine alignment;
  • Overheating elimination of turbine exhaust duct.
  • Troubleshooting of Mark VI system;
  • Repair of spare parts.

Sour gas reinjection compressors | GE Frame 5D Gas turbines | BCL Centrifugal compressors.

  • Preservation of a gas turbine and centrifugal compressors.

Flash evaporation Gas compression plant | Siemens SGT-600 Gas turbines | Siemens 08MV7B Centrifugal Compressors.

  • Troubleshooting for programmable logic controller of the gas turbine.

Marine power station | Rolls Royce RB211 DLE Gas turbines | ABB Generators.

  • Boroscope inspection of the gas generator;
  • Scheduled inspections of 8,000 and 16,000 operational hours for gas turbines;
  • Dismantling and repair of the gas turbine RB211;
  • Start-up and commissioning of gas turbine and generator;
  • ABB generator alignment.

Land power plant | GE Nuovo Pignone SNC Steam turbines | ABB Generators.

  • Dismantling of steam turbines rotors;
  • Repair of steam turbines rotors and stators;
  • Balancing of steam turbine rotors;
  • Manufacturing of conservation container for turbine rotor;
  • Engine inspection.

Electrically conducting horizontal centrifugal double-stage compressor GE / Thermodyn.

  • Repair of dry gas compressor seals;
  • Installation of dry gas compressor seals at gas compressor;
  • Annual scheduled inspection of flash gas compressor and components;
  • Compressor Replacement, dismantling.


KTR and the Dutch company MAGNATECH created the Consortium.
KTR and Flowserve have signed an agreement on authorized service center for the repair of pumps and end seals.
KTR and Italian company Tecnimont created a joint venture.
KTR and Siemens signed an agreement on a premium partnership to create a joint service center for the repair of electric motors at the territory of the KTR manufacturing workshop based in Atyrau.

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